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Most children are afraid of visiting the dentist because they are afraid of experiencing pain or discomfort. When you visit our office, our primary goal is to relieve that anxiety that they may face.

Dr. Amy Kinlaw Pediatric Dentistry provides a pain-free, relaxing environment for your child. Depending on the procedure, we offer a variety of in-office sedation techniques.

The type of pain relief we offer is contingent upon the type of procedure involved. We’ve listed the most common types of pain relief below – so you’ll know exactly the level of care your child is receiving.

Topical Pain Relief – Using this method, we apply a numbing agent to the affected area. Occasionally, Novocain may also be applied to provide thorough relief.

Minimal Sedation – This is used when the procedure is more complex than removing a single tooth. Unlike general anesthesia, your child will be put in deep relaxation but can be awoken at any time.

General Anesthesia – Reserved for when oral surgery is required. Your child will be fully unconscious during the procedure.

Nitrous oxide for fast relief

We also offer the use of nitrous oxide for minor procedures. Commonly known as ‘laughing gas’. We use an inhaler to introduce the gas and provide pain relief. Unlike the pain control methods, the benefit of nitrous oxide is that it wears off quickly so that your child can return to their daily routine.

Ask your dentist for more information on whether nitrous oxide is right for your child. Please note: We recommend that children who are prone to bowel obstructions and other gastrointestinal issues abstain from this type of sedation. Please let your dentist know about any other health issues your child may have.

Discover the best in pain relief

If you have any questions about pain relief and aftercare, we are here to answer them. Our goal is to provide the best recommendation and give you the best options for care. Call Dr. Amy Kinlaw Pediatric Dentistry and let us review the options with you. Make an appointment today!

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