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Protecting your child’s teeth through every stage

The most critical time your child’s teeth are between the ages of six and thirteen. Between these years the teeth and jawline are constantly changing, developing, and growing. At this time, your child will have a combination of primary and adult teeth. As the adult teeth grow, they push on the primary teeth potentially causing troublesome problems such as underbites, overbites, and crooked teeth.

These conditions are painful and can also cause problems chewing, as well as causing nutritional deficiencies and negatively impact your children’s self-esteem.

The good news is that all of these conditions are treatable. Don’t wait another minute, call the offices of Dr. Amy Kinlaw Pediatric Dentistry today at 336.568.7700

Invisalign means invisible

Getting wireframe braces is no teenager’s first choice, as they no doubt worry about the impact that it’ll have on their appearance. The good news is there is another choice.

Invisalign braces offer a seamless way to correct common dental conditions and protect their appearance. Invisalign is a clear liner that fits over the teeth to gently mold the teeth back into alignment. Invisalign braces are so seamless they can’t be seen—even in photographs. Ask your dentist if Invisalign is right for your kids.

Call the offices of Dr. Amy Kinlaw Pediatric Dentistry today and discover how Invisalign braces can help your child.

Don’t forget your regular exams

Look at the time, has it been six months already? Don’t delay another moment and schedule an appointment for your child’s next dental cleaning and exam. Keeping up with regular exams is essential to preventing cavities and damage to their teeth. Call us today.

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